You’ve never had it good

You’ve always had to fight hard

Now it’s changing like it should

See the wind blowing before the sun

We’ve all sought our way

When death comes to this day

Now you’re crying so sad

‘Cause you lost a favorite in your mind

Here is something new

Take it for it’s true

Hold on to it tight

And never give it away now

Hold on to the cause

You never know until you try

The truth lies in love when you cry

Brightest Morning Star spirits alive now

Come on home now little one

Come on home now see it’s all done

Come on home now little one

To a place where it’s warm and dry

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen


Dust is just a package

And light is our clothes

But spirit is the way

Life is our Father’s glory

And giving is sustenance

Faith is a person

And the Conjoint Actor is mind

Sacrifice is a reality

Compassion is our nature

Love is the Lamp

That Lights adventure

And the sense of purpose

Still bringing it to you

I am The Last Day’s Victor

And we are the

Last Day’s Victors

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen


I have longed to be with you

To pierce these walls and search for you

Though they hold my body intact

They can’t keep my mind entrapped

Some day soon my life is freed

To break the news, for light we need

Peace shall dawn when we unite

Child lay down sweet dreams tonight

The cubs of lions and lambs of sheep

My baby to rule no more to weep

We hunger and thirst, labor and cry

Trying our patience yet, courage our might

Our Father knows when we call

Our Father sows the seeds for all

We pray in spirit and worship in truth

The trials of world and pain of birth

My heart throngs to take and hold you

I write songs in ways to show you

My brother I promise to be back

For they can not keep my spirit entrapped

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Children Of The Supreme

As I gaze through the window of my spirit

I ponder the duties I have embraced

In my youth I have imagined a stage

Performing to the many listeners my tastes

Maturity envelopes consciousness of supreme compassion

Children spark the embers of spirit light

For their innocence and future I will fight

The universe mother accepts my courageous vision

I have united with the heavenly ministers of life

Our mission of salvation to redeem the lost

We shall bring regeneration and establish peace

Never will we turn back after counting the cost

The evil minded plotted for many years in secret

Their machines and murdering schemes of genocide

Only causes the righteous to work through moonlight

Never to grow weary, we embrace the wings of his might

The prayers of our children, our new songs

We mount the melodies that empower our dreams

The end of evil men will trumpet our dawn

Never to be deceived by men who do wrong

I pledge to write the song of peace in your heart

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen


When I think of you always helping me

Forever loving me, I feel so good

So warm and comforted

When I think of you my angels

I am so happy-you know I love you

I want to thank you my special angels

For your devotion, your sublime emotion

I am grateful for you my sweet seraphim

When you came to me

I truly saw the light

And how you were glowing

Glory I seen that night

With your white robe flowing

And your golden tassel sight

My special angels

Forever I am grateful

For your devotion

With Heaven’s emotion

My sweet seraphim

My sweet angels

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Spirit Love

Oh Lord I hear the music

It Sounds Like Heaven’s playing

Lord I hear the singing

It sounds like angels voices

I think the world- should hear the music

There’s many people- hurting and sick

We can give them- our new light

So they will know- your Spirit Love

Thank you for the gift of music

I feel it all through my soul

Let all the world feel it

A new light they will know

Lord they hear the music

It seems like the world is changing

All the people are singing

It sounds like angels voices

I see the world can hear the music

There’s many people who can share it

Now you gave them your new light

And now they know your Spirit Love

I sleep with the angels

We embrace in loving delight

I hear our children speaking

About Heaven’s Light

I write down their names

In my own book of life

We each embrace fame

For our Spirit Love tonight

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

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